Ras Muhamad ADD

Ras Muhamad - Salam

Ras Muhamad - Salam

DIGITAL RELEASE [Oneness Records]

Release date: 07/25/2014


01. Salam
02. Good Over Evil
03. Re-Education feat. Kabaka Pyramid
04. Jah T Interlude
05. Satu Rasa feat. Conrad Good Vibration
06. Nuh Badmind Friend
07. Farmerman feat. Naptali    
08. Lion Roar
09. Leluhur feat. Kunokini
10. Learn to Grow feat. Sara Lugo
11. Conquest
12. Barriers & Borders feat. Uwe Kaa
13. So Tired
14. All Over The World feat. Mighty Che
15. Blow Them Away
16. Through The Smoke

Featured artists

Kabaka Pyramid / Naptali / Sara Lugo / Uwe Kaa


Ras Muhamad comes out of Indonesia with his third album, a sonic journey that truly represents the global scale of reggae. His super vocal style is a distinctive tenor that moves through complex melodic structure while maintaining the consistent vibe ...

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