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Enjoy Reggae Live at Rebel Salute 2010 !!!


For 16 years Rebel Salute has promoted the idea of a healthy lifestyle, addressing the need for an event which caters to people who are conscious that their body is their temple, and so too their minds. Rebel Salute continues to edify as well as entertain with a unique blend of generation spanning artistes that share not only a love for Reggae music, but also reflect a positive message of peace, strength in unity and the principle of love. Rebel Salute 2010 promises to be a Reggae connoisseur’s classic.


The Artistes who have taken up the mantle for the 2010 staging of Rebel Salute have a legacy of consciousness to maintain and are each willing and able to deliver on that promise to the most loyal and knowledgeable of Reggae audiences in the entire world, fans who have gathered for 16 years with their red, green and gold flags, a discerning ear and an open hearth-all in support of a modern indigenous work of art that just happens to go from dusk ‘til dawn.


Innovators in every sense –Rebel Salute 2010 has complied a lineup destined for a spectacular showing.

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica @ Port Kaiser Sports Club
St. Elizabeth