Championz League Soundclash 2013 ADD


  • Championz League Soundclash 2013

Rule 1
We care zero.
4 x 15 min each sound

Round 5
Last Man Standing

The grand finale of Championz League Soundclash takes you to the real dancehall. In the early morning hours of many dancehall sessions the sounds take out their dubplates and juggle “just for fun“ in a clash style: No fixed rules, the energy of the moment determines the course of action. One sound plays a set of tunes, the other sounds answers and hits out against his opponent. Things can get drastic and boil down to a shoot-out with one tune each fired: a real Dub-fi-Dub. Anything can happen in the morning hours of Championz League Soundclash. And only the people decide if a sound gets lock-off.

Stuttgart, Germany @ Zollamt
Frachtstraße 25
70372 Stuttgart