Cancelled: River Splash Festival 2010 ADD

07/20 - 07/25 2010

  • Cancelled: River Splash Festival 2010




July 20th – 25th @ Sotocje – Tolmin – Slovenia

Magical site at the emerald river, performances of some of the World's greatest reggae artists, diverse program of complementary activities and lots of fresh energy are just some of the main characteristics of Riversplash – Reggae Music & Culture festival that will take place near Slovenian-Italian border between July 20th and 25th. Last year the new managing crew Fat Dance Promotions took over the Riversplash and immediately brought it on a higher level.

Along top music program they’ve paid special attention to the commodity of guests, from sorting the place with proper quantity of waste bins, showers and toilet facilities to panels with performing artists. Riversplash made an alliance with neighbouring Rototom Sunsplash and Greenpeace and it also became proud member of the European Reggae Contests, and hosted challenge winners at the festival. Get together at the most beautiful river on the sunny side of the Alps.

Official Statement:


We are sorry to inform you, that we are forced to cancel this years Riversplash due to financial problems. We had unsuccessful talks with sponsors past few weeks, but all the effort was not enough to close financial structure of the festival. Cancelation was our last resort but in past few days it became unavoidable. We are very sorry for all the fans and incredible media support that we received lately after last years Riversplash was a bomb. But we believe that in long term planing we decided in favor of a festival which deserves only the best, not to be done with too low budget.

Tolmin, Slovenia @ Sotocje