CANCELLED: Fire In The Barn 2015 ADD

07/03 - 07/05 2015


Note from the Promoter:

It is with a heavy heart and deep regret that I have to announce that Fire in the Barn has been cancelled. The County would not allow us to use the Old Vann Ranch. The property is zoned APZ, which, under the Williamson Act, is Agriculture Preserve. When we first approached them about this in March, they said nothing to us about this. We fought long and hard, and even brought in Supervisor Jim Steele to advocate for us, which he tried valiantly to do. They just would not budge. Sooo... we found another venue, but Joe did not like the deal that was being offered, so he pulled the plug. We are considering taking some of the local bands over to the other venue and try and save the weekend.

Upper Lake, CA, United States @ Old Vann Ranch
17247 Elk Mountain Road
Upper Lake, CA