CANCELLED: Bay Area Reggae Fest 2015 ADD

07/17 - 07/19 2015


With a heavy heart and depleted soul we offer our deepest apologies and sincerest regrets. This failure rests solely on our shoulders, and we take full responsibility for our inability to make good on our word. We offer no excuses as there is NO EXCUSE for not keeping our word. This Bay Area Reggaefest has been cancelled because we could not make good on our financial responsibilities. We will work tirelessly to make this right with every soul involved. Our apologies to Reyna Reycines for not fulfilling the promises that we made to her. She was diligent in every way throughout this process, and we ask this community to support her and lift her up. Craneway Pavillion we apologise for not paying you, and thank you for believing in us. The fault rests solely on the Bay Area Reggaefest's shoulders, and there is no one to blame except for us! Mysterious ways are sometimes hard, but we have learned great lessons. Jah Bless

Richmond, CA, United States @ Craneway Pavillion
1414 Harbour Way South
Richmond, CA 94804