Boomtown Fair 2011 ADD

08/11 - 08/14 2011

Q. How do I find out where the hell it is this year?

All ticket holders will be emailed the location of the festival site two weeks before the event.

Q. Why is the location kept a secret?

Keeping the exact location a secret is the best method of preventing fence jumpers.  Due to the site infrastructure being designed to accommodate just the ticket holders any person who sneaks in over the fence puts an extra strain on the facilities such as camping space, water, toilets, etc. making it a less enjoyable experience for everyone.  With some fence jumpers also comes crime such as theft from both vehicles and tents which Boomtown will not tolerate we have low crime record and we want to keep it that way. Therefore we do not release details publicly but to ticket holders and we do so only a few weeks before the festival.

Secret Town, United Kingdom @ Secret Location