Bomboclat Festival 2021 ADD

08/20 - 08/21 2021


Every visitor has the COVID SAFE APP on his smartphone. It lists all your vaccinations, immunity due to illness, or PCR tests. You have to scan the app at the entrance. A green scan means you can enter the festival (or campsite). A red scan means that you are not in line with the covid measures. 
When are you in line?
- you are fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks before the event
- you have been cured of covid and are still immune (consult your doctor)
- you have a negative PCR test (maximum of 48 hours old)
- you have a negative rapid test (maximum 24 hours old)
No tests are taken on the festival site. As a visitor, you are responsible for your vaccination or test. Take into account the validity period of a test. This is 48 hours for a PCR test and 24 hours for a rapid test. With a PCR test that you take on Friday morning, you can fully participate in the festival. With a rapid test, you can attend 1 day of the festival. 
Important! Your Covid Safe App will also be scanned at the campsite.

Zeebrugge, Belgium @ Strand Zeebrugge
Zeedijk Heist
8370 Zeebrugge