Yaksta ADD


Finding solace in song-writing... from his early childhood, he spent his formative years working on music projects and focused on reggae and dancehall culture as opposed to his studies. After several stints in hospitality at popular Jamaican beach resorts and running his own business selling clothes as a way to make ends meet, Yaksta soon decided a full-time life in music is the only way for him. “I am music incarnate and I’ve given up on avoiding my destiny”, he vows enthusiastically.

Just a short few months into his career as a musician, and Yaksta is quickly becoming a household name across Jamaica, owed large in part to his viral music video for his single “Home“ which racked up over 1 Million views on Facebook in less than 6 months. Home, which depicts the issues facing poor people in Jamaica today and contrasts the lives of the Jamaican elite against the less fortunate, instantly struck a chord with those from lower income areas who are still proud of their communities. With demand for Yaksta building quickly at local reggae “dances”, he’s wasted no time in making appearances at core functions across the country. Not skipping a beat on recording, Yaksta is back with a second single, “Boogie Woogie” – a throwback reggae jam that mixes the sound of 60’s Jamaican rocksteady and ska crossed with modern roots and pop. With key early support from core DJs and radio stations spanning Jamaica to the US and UK, Yaksta’s star is certainly on the rise as he continues to develop his core fan base. 

Hailing from the lush parish of St. Mary, Kemaul Matrin, Aka Yaksta (Bush Lawd) is a Jamaican singer, Producer, artist  and actor. He arose to great prominence from his latest hit single, St. Mary, which was released in May 2019, by his label WussMusikk and Coproduced by Marlon Easy from JusEasy Production,  Yaksta’s personal producer. He first debuts on the scene in February 2016, and was officially a member of the music industry by late June of the same year.

With his first album, (STOIC TORTURE), featuring tracks such as; Above the ground floor; Jah Jah never Sleeps, For Sale and many more. (STOIC TORTURE) was produced by Sasaine Music Records. Yaksta  propelled the following year with another well received single Home. which racked up over 1.3million views on Facebook and also gained a lot of love and support from many domestic and mainstream radios and djs. Yaksta was known to many in his circle and community  as cheap and swagging because of his salesmanship in selling woman’s clothing with his bigger sister for a living when he was much younger,  but little did he know that his path would have detoured to a touring journey.Yaksta maintained prominence when he  teamed with Dana Shaygan and Steve Urchin to co-produce another viral single of the monkier Boogie Woogie, which to this day carved a column in his catalog.

Yaksta recently teamed up with Runabeat Music from the UK to execute several universal projects. He’s also aligned with YBRecords from Canada, as a recent venture into the Latin market with various collabs with several label mates and industry-recognized. Yaksta’s style of music is classified as, Reggae/Dancehall with a modern twist of world music. There’s no box with the capacity to contain or limit his stellar creativity, so always have an eye open for the unexpected. He his Yaksta Aka Bush Lawd, and He will be dominating your airwaves.