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Documentary: Uwe Banton in Costa Rica 2011


Documentary: Uwe Banton in Costa Rica 2011

Uwe Banton went to Costa Rica from April 21st until May 5th 2011 for the "Rightful Place 2011 Costa Rica Tour ".

This 30minute documentary shows some impressions of the vibe being on the road while at the same time gives a glimpse into the amazing wild life and natural environment of this beautiful country. The band Uwe teamed up with being there, is formed of members who have been representing within the Costa Rica Reggae scene over the last years working as musicians with Reggae artists national and international, such as Johnny Dread, Luciano and Mikey General.

Featuring clips from Drake Bay, a trip to Isla del Caño, impressions of the capitol San José and clips from shows in Tamarindo and Jaco and a radio interview with Beatz.fm radio host Buckie Gee.

The "Costa Rica Reggae All Stars Band" are:

Bass: José "Mistico" Esteban Carmona Muñoz
Guitar: Esteban "Jaguar" Chavarria
Keyboards: Pedro "The Lion" Léon
Keyboards: Virgilio "Mondul" Boyes
Drums: Gerardo "Solar" Soto
Vocals: Kumary "Kuma" Sawyers