Tweneboa ADD


TWENEBOA (CHENEBOA) means tree-drum, it comes from the name of a large African tree from which native people carve traditional drums. 

Mauro Camilleri was born in Turin in 1982 from Sicilian parents, he begun to take his first steps into the music field since he was very young. The music is the most important and rewarding part of his life since his childhood. Immediately he shown a strong passion for all kinds of musical instruments and he started to play the melodica and keyboards.

At age of 15 he wrote his first reggae songs by accompanying himself with an acoustic guitar. His experience has grown thanks to the music projects and the different bands that followed in his life during the years in which he proposed himself as a composer, arranger and singer. His trip to Ghana in 2008 was of profound inspiration for his musical and spiritual life, on his return TWENEBOA released his first EP entirely self produced with the name "BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS" in which the Roots Reggae, dub and soul  sonorities were very strong, while the lyrics were focused much more on spiritual pursuit and awareness. In 2009 he found CREATION, a project that wanted to bring reggae music to its essence. Tweneboa was the frontman, main voice and author of most of the pieces sung on the live stage.

Among the band members there were old renowned musicians from the Turin’s Reggae panorama. After the project CREATION the songwriter was ready for the new project as a soloist.

In May 2014 he presented three new tunes during ALBOROSIE’s concert which were met with great public approval. He is now collaborating with different deejays from the Turin’s scenery: DJVALE, CHARLIE, GIGAWAVE, MADO'CHE CREW, BUNNA Africa Unite. He shared the stage with TRAIN TO ROOTS, MELLOW MOOD, SUNSOOLEY, MAMAMARJAS, TEOROOTICAL foundation, RAPHAEL, LIOND. In September 2015 he released a new videoclip for his first single entitled "Sunnyday" feat. SUNSOOLEY to launch his new album "THE ANSWER", an album that marks the beginning of his new path.