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New Tóke Mixtape & Video Premiere - Deh Pon Stereo Vol. 2


New Tóke Mixtape & Video Premiere - Deh Pon Stereo Vol. 2

Indonesia’s own Asia-Afrika Soundsystem (Selekta King Lion Rock & Deejay Ras Muhamad) have teamed up with one of Europe’s finest Reggae-Talents Tóke for a special second edition mixtape of cross-cultural piece of art by the name Deh Pon Stereo Vol. 2.

The 14-track strong mixtape offers a glimpse into Tóke’s versatility as he rides an eclectic selection of instrumentals ranging from Foundation Reggae to Hip Hop, Afrobeat and Folk featured some remixes songs from his critically acclaimed debut album Wake Up Inna Kingston as well as exclusive versions.

Apart from showcasing the German-Indonesian’s unmistakable lyrical and musical skill this body of work aims at building a sonic bridge between Reggae and Indonesia: both cultures are introduced to each other with meticulously selected details (e.g. indonesian lickshots & soundeffects, Indonesian freestyle), offering an innovative and fresh listening experience.

Besides the Asia-Afrika Soundsystem’s own Ras Muhamad (including his 2 new solo tracks), Exile Di Brave (Jamaica), Infinite (Jamaica) and Rap Jack (Germany) are featured as guest artists.

Most songs of the production were recorded in in Canggu, Bali (Indonesia) while Tóke was visiting his country of birth for his Indonesian Tour 2016.

Watch the video world premiere of Pathway Outta Babylon (Remix) below.
You can download the Mixtape HERE (Mediafire .rar link) or LISTEN HERE


01. Ras Muhamad Intro
02. Sr. David Rodigan – “The Reggae Bug“
03. Mi Name (Remix)
04. “Roots“
05. Rockers Asia
06. “Consciousness & Style“
07. Asia Afrika Dub
08. “Musical youth“
09. Way Of Life (Remix)
10. Hold On (Remix)
11. Frizzle (Remix)
12. “Tourlife“
13. Ras Muhamad - BambuKeras
14. Open The World (Remix)
15. “NYC Days“
16. Ras Muhamad - Flight Of Ananta
17. Pathway Outta Babylon (Remix) feat. Ras Muhamad
18. “Growth“
19. Conscious Vibes (Remix) feat. Exile Di Brave & Infinite
20. Step by Step ft. Rap Jack
21. “Not just a Reggae artist“
22. Lost In The Limitless
23. Woman Of Mine (Remix)
24. Outro