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Timmi Burrell

Timmi Burrell aka Clive Burrell was on born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. Timmi Burrell spent most of his early years in Spanish Town however when he was nine years old he move  to Lances Bay, Hanover. While in high school Timmi Burrell was a part of a dance group called the Hot Boys as dancing was one of the things he was known for, this group was always a hit on school concerts, but it was a youth club concert in Green Island Hanover that he first showcased his hidden talent "Singing" based on the response of the audience Timmi knew right there and then that there was no turning back it would be singing all the way.
Timmi moved to the popular tourist destination of Negril where he started performing on events such as Negril Salute and Reggae by the Sea among others, over the years Timmi has graced the stage of many major shows such as GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza and Reggae Sumfest to name a few.
Soulful is just one of the many words that has been used to describe Timmi's fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, R&B style, even on the most hardcore dancehall Riddim Timmi delivers with consummate ease bringing sometimes a new aspect to the Riddim/Rhythm that would otherwise gone unnoticed, which is also what has made him a regular selection on compilation albums.
Despite all his releases and creating a growing catalogue of songs, Timmi has never released a full length album or EP, however! that is all set to change with the release of his debut album Timmi Burrell "A Small Town Boy Story" thanks to the continued collaborations with Tmar and MacLes of New Sound Records/MacLes Music Factory, which Timmi is a part of the creative team.  Official worldwide digital release will be April 2014, the album will consist of 14 tracks.
Music has always been the recurring theme in Timmi's life for a child and has helped him to be strong and rise above the many obstacles he faced growing up and it is that will power and positive mentality that he passes on through his music and has garnered a loyal fan base for him. Timmi is always reinventing himself musically to suit the tone of the times but never straying from his core lyrical message.
Timmi Burrell aka "The Small Town Boy" aim is to do music that can stand the test of time, and is well on his way to achieving that based on the reviews and response he's been getting in music circles around the world.
 So the story continues Timmi Burrell, Clive Burrell, The Small Town Boy!