The Wise Bloods ADD

The Wise Bloods

The Wise Bloods are a young project from South London bringing their deep grooves, urban attitude, thought-provoking messages and original song writing to true reggae foundations. The band's background spans from different regions of the globe, affecting a mix of influences and takes on the music.

The Wise Bloods sound emerged after singer and performer Jesse James returned to his hometown in South London. He started to write new songs out of old musical ideas. The songs were about the times and trials of people he had known since his early youth. The Reggae music immediately had a tougher feel to it and began to fuse in elements of Hip Hop. As a singer and songwriter he then sought local rappers to feature on the music. Unfortunately, before the first feature was to be recorded, a rapper and family friend lost his life to knife crime. In anger and grief, Jesse wrote his own lyrics and performed them himself. Although it wasn't a sound he would ultimately adopt, the feeling and persona of that song was to ultimately influence the nature of his approach to his vocals from then on. The meanings of songs gained a new focus and The Wise Bloods developed with the characteristic female backing vocals and the musicians who support the music today.

The Wise Bloods’ sound can be described as taking part of the new wave Roots Reggae movement with a healthy hint of Dub and Hip Hop. Their style is progressively being celebrated across urban, roots and surf rock reggae scenes internationally.