The Viceroys ADD

Tu Shung Peng - Channel 5

Tu Shung Peng - Channel 5

DIGITAL RELEASE [Wise Studio Productions]

Release date: 03/06/2020


01. Message In a Song feat. The Viceroys
02. Heaven feat. Nazzleman
03. My Testimony feat. Simon Dan
04. Just Can't Forget feat. Bongo
05. Gordon Town (Melodica version)
06. Jah Love feat. Trevor Roots
07. More Love feat. Trevor Roots
08. Babylon System feat. Moses
09. Later Will Be Greater feat. Simon Dan
10. French Man Style feat. The Viceroys
11. War Lord feat. Bongo
12. Please Come Back Home feat. The Viceroys
13. Babylon Blow Out (Horns version)
14. Love Horns (Horns version)

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