Teacha Dee ADD

Teacha Dee - Rastafari Way

Teacha Dee - Rastafari Way

DIGITAL RELEASE [TenFloor Records]

Release date: 03/17/2017


01. Keep Me Away

02. Rumours

03. Stop Follow People

04. Do Today

05. Rastafari Way

06. Heart Desire

07. Jah Jah Is Calling

08. Traffic Light Dread

09. Emperor Selassie

10. Never Feel Alone feat. Echo Minott

11. Lightning Earthquake And Thunder

12. One Big Stone

13. 13 Months Of Sunshine 

Featured artists

Echo Minott


Damion Darrel Warren didn't choose his stage name lightly. Teacha Dee is indeed a teacher, trained at Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College in Montego Bay, Jamaica. However, he gave up blackboard and chalk after 12 years of educating children to pick up the ...

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