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Teacha Dee Opens Up His 'Time Machine'

12/11/2021 by Press Release

Teacha Dee Opens Up His 'Time Machine'

With the excitement of Rastafari Way being included in the latest James Bond movie No Time To Die” [READ THE NEWS HERE], and the resurgence of the album Rastafari Way, Teacha Dee postponed the release of his latest solo album Time Machine until now.

The 17 track album has been 4 years in the making and carries contributions from House of Riddim (Austria), Greezzly Productions (Italy), Evidence Music (Switzerland), Brainfood International, and Ragatac Music (Germany). Time Machine takes the listener on a chronological journey.

Traveling from the opening track Reggae Mood [listen here], a catchy song to uplift you from the challenges of the last two years through the title track Time Machine to the closing track I Appreciate You, in which Teacha Dee shows gratitude to those who have believed in him and supported him through this journey. The beautiful artwork was created by Essence of Mohanna.

Time Machine is available for pre-order now with the album release on December 21st on all digital platforms. Until then, Teacha Dee is giving Reggae Mood as a taster for the listeners. 

01. Reggae Mood
02. Conscious Party
03. Rasta Man
04. Forward Black Man
05. The Golden Rule
06. Things Are Repeating
07. World Crisis
08. Prophecies
09. Time Machine
10. Walk Away
11. Rastafari Warning
12. Mental Problem 
13. Never Be Forever

14. What A Feeling

15. The Big Bang

16. Jah Say

17. I Appreciate You