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Tasman Jude

Far from the traditional home of reggae, at an open mic in Grande Prairie, Alberta Tasman Jude first improvised three songs. The crowd’s passionate response caught them by surprise and could not be ignored, and so a band was forged. From their inception Tasman Jude have worked hard to connect deeply and spread hope with as many people as possible, and so after only 3 months they found themselves with a committed fanbase and an EP charting on iTunes. “The band has a unique relationship with our fam” explains Caleb Hart (lead vocals) “we don’t have fans; we have family. They give us so much more than we can possibly give them through music.” Their passionate live performances and optimistic music spread like wildfire throughout Alberta and beyond.

Soon after, a new single “Family” was recorded, finding a home on radio around the world and bringing in multiple songwriting awards along the way. The band continued to earn their reputation as one of the hardest working bands in Canada touring constantly across their home country, Australia, and the Caribbean, taking their songs about love and community wherever they go. Amongst all the touring Tasman Jude has also released two singles (Every Breath, Palm Trees), three charity singles (New Revolution, Mario and HOPE), and a full length album ‘Green’ (debuting at #1 on iTunes).

Green was released as the first album of a trilogy (Green, Gold, Red), designed to highlight three sides of reggae and island music. As they prepare for the release of Gold, Tasman Jude continues to tour and support many charities including The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, Tree Canada, Street Child World Cup, Big Brothers & Sisters, YMCA and more. Tasman Jude is: Bethanie Earle (Guitar/Percussion) Caleb Hart (Lead Vocals/Percussion) Derek Wilder (Bass)