Tamika ADD


TAMIKA born and raised in Virginia (U.S.A.) in a creative and blessed environment by a single mother with her four siblings. She grew up with different music cultures and was inspired by many different genres and artists from Soul and Gospel, HipHop to Rhythm & Blues, and some Reggae music. The latter one which she combines to make the unique sound that she has. After moving to Germany, she became a background singer for the Reggae artist Gentleman in 2002. In the following years, TAMIKA was touring and often the pre-show. However, she did not lose her interest in song-writing. At this time songs like "Rainy Days" and "Sunshine" or "Good Days" emerged, which TAMIKA recorded with artists like Daddy Rings, Martin Jondo, Gentleman, Matthias the Dread or with her longtime background partner and good friend Mamadee. TAMIKA became a popular singer, and worked for artists like Seeed, Morgan Heritage, Nosliw and Azad. Between 2004 and 2008 her voice was a part of different music projects like the "Tough Enough" Album which was produced by The Far East Band. She also became a member of the "Sisters", who released an album which is called "Gender Riots". Together with Mamadee, TAMIKA released the EP "Good Days" in 2008 as a digital release with Soundquake and as a physical release with Pow Pow Productions. In 2010 TAMIKA is on tour with Gentleman & the Evolution throughout the whole world. Watch out for her and her upcoming album...

"We as a people ‘Gotta Keep the Focus’ and love ourselves, at the same time use our ‘Piece a Mind’. obstacles come and get in the way but we can’t let it get us down. the sky is the limit! we have to strive to be the best we can be, because there’s no ‘Betta Love’ than the love you have for yourself. Therefore you can share the love with others. when we ‘Live in Love’ we project it."