Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor ADD

Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor

Stephen McGregor has been rightfully defined in the media as a musical genius, and indeed those terms are no exaggeration. Stephen, at only 16 years old is one of Jamaicas best producers. A son of Freddie McGregor, Stephen was exposed to music since he was born and almost lives in the Big Ship studio, the McGregors home studio where he has built over 500 riddims over the years. Since his days at the Vaz Prep School, Stephen started writing his own material after school. He wrote his first song School Done Rule, a song about importance of staying in school, at the age of five and it enjoyed airplay, locally as well as abroad in 1995.

Since Vaz prep write own material after school At the young age of ten, the talented Stephen played already five instruments, including the piano, violin, drums, bass, guitar, which provides him with the basis for much of his work. His in depth knowledge and deep understanding and feeling for music puts him way ahead of many others in the biz. In addition he also has the experience of travelling and performing all over the globe with his family.

Stephen has performed in the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean and knows the different tastes and preferences of music that people have in the world. Stephen is now a past student of the Ardenne High School, where he played in the school band, Stephen has moved behind the scenes, as a producer, leaving his brother Chino to be the performer. Stephen has the steering wheel of the Big Ship in his grip and he works hard alongside his brother Daniel aka Chino to manifest their visions and to ensure that the Ship is sailing with full blown sails into the future. Since taking over the rudder in 2005, when he produced the well known Cartoon Riddim-, Stephen is making more and more waves as a producer. His latest projects, which show Stephens versatility and talent, include the Redbull&Guiness, 12 Gauge Stick Up Breaking News Ghetto Whiskey among many others.

Stephen McGregors enormous musical talent will indeed make him soar to higher heights and we will hear a lot of great music from him and the Big Ship Camp.