Shy FX

Shy FX's debut record was Jungle Love, released in 1992 on the Permission to Dance label. Soon after, he signed to Sound Of The Underground Records (often abbreviated as S.O.U.R.) and in 1994 released the breakthrough Ragga Jungle track Original "Nuttah" (featuring vocals from MC UK Apache) which helped to cement his position as a mainstay producer of the Jungle / Drum & Bass scene.
Throughout his career he has collaborated with T Power, both as Ebony Dubsters and Shy FX and T Power; their 2001 breakthrough track Shake Ur Body with vocalist Di was a Number 7 hit in the UK Single Charts. Released on EMI subsidiary Positiva,  it gained widespread support from both club and commercial radio DJs and helped to further popularise Drum & Bass as a mainstream music genre.
The success of Shake Ur Body was followed by the duo's album Set It Off, released in 2002 on Pete Long`s Label F.F.F.R. Several EPs and single releases followed; by 2005, Shy FX had made the decision to consolidate his releases onto his own label and founded Digital Soundboy Recordings. In collaboration with T Power, they subsequently released the Album "Diary of a Digital Sound Boy" on 17 October 2005, featuring the songs Feelings, On The Run and Plastic Soul. Shy FX and T Power also released Don't Wanna Know featuring Di and MC Skibadee. The song was notably used on the UK TV Programm Soccer AM as part of the 'Skills Skool' feature.
He produced Da Feelin for  Diziee Rascall`s 2007 Album "Maths & English". He also produced Can't Tek No More on Dizzee Rascal's 2009 album, Tongue `N Cheek". He remixed "She Said", a Number 3 UK chart single by Paln B. His remix was released on both the She Said single, and on the deluxe edition of Plan B's "The Defamation of Strickland Banks". More recently, he produced Raver, featuring Kano, Donae`o and Roses Gabor, plus the UK artist Yasmin's first single, On My Own. He announced that his new album, Larger Than Life, was originally scheduled for a 2011 release but as of January 2013 is yet to go on sale.
Williams also produced Yasmin`s third Single "Light Up (The World) which features Ms. Dynamite. It peaked at Number 50 in the UK Singles Chart.
DJ Fresh's single "Gold Dust" was rereleased, with the Shy FX Re-Edit as a single, on 2 December 2012. The extended play includes multiple new remixes.