Ruffi-Ann ADD


Sharon Peterkin was born in Spanish Town and raised in Portmore St. Catherine. She attended Bridgeport Secondary School and had an interest in obtaining a musical career from as early as 15 years old.

This passion became her motivating drive to excel in that field and lead her to the studios of Shocking Vibes, Sly and Robbie’s Taxi Label Company and producers Steelie and Clevie. Her very first recording, a Dancehall single entitle ‘Stick to you man” was produced by Steelie and Clevie.

Know as Lady Shabba back then and In spite of her obvious potential of becoming a mega Dancehall artiste, Sharon experienced some extreme challenges. She recalls hanging out at studio for hours and even being locked out but most disappointing of all is being denied a great opportunity. Lady Shabba did demos for some of the most notable producers in the business including King Jammys which she recorded a single entitle “Ram Ram” on Jammys Kingston 11 Label.

The song reportedly did well in the Caribbean and shot to the top of Trinidad Dancehall charts. But it was long after its success that Lady Shabba learned of its impact and the fact that a promoter had travelled to the island to book her for an event but was told she had died. Lady Shabba was aggressive and understandably so but her attitude was not good for her music and was often time illustrated not only in her performance but lyrically. She knew she had to tone down, she needed a change she became a mother and views life from a different perspective so in 1999 Lady Shabba became Ruffi-Ann. It took some time for Ruffi-Ann to readjust as she wanted to make a significant impact on the industry, she wanted to sing about issues that touched her heart and become an advocate for the poor, she put her thoughts on paper and eventually she found a song entitle ‘Save the juvenile’.

Save the juvenile became a hit without much marketing and promotion behind it, the feeling was encouraging and one Ruffi-Ann had anticipated for years. Past experiences and challenges had made Ruffi-Ann smarter, hence her decision to form her own label Sugar Pan Production. The recording company is designed to create easier access for young talented artistes to showcase their skills. However Ruffi-Ann was first to release songs on the label, her first three songs are entitle, “Sex sex sex”, “Me Puttus” and “You are” featuring Thrilla U.

Throughout her career, Ruffi-Ann has performed on several major shows in Jamaica including STING, Pepsi Teen Spalsh, Champion in Action and West Kingston, Jamborie, St. Mary Mi Come From and Spring Break. Since the release of her “Save the Juvenile” single produced by Charmax Music she went on to release another entitle “No wuk no deh” on the Suger Pan Production label with much marketing and promotional activities behind it to influence its popularity. This trait she intends to sustain until Ruffi-Ann accomplishes her ultimate goal, that of becoming an internationally acclaimed Reggae artiste.