Emerging from the gritty streets of Far Rockaway NY, by way of small island of Jamaica, RSNY was born four friends who combined their individual talents into one musical mega-force.

With a hunger and drive for success, coupled the determination to not fall victim to a community plagued with violence; where many of their peers seemed to meet a pre-determined faith of cell or cemetery, RSNY had a diversion; they set their sights on making their dreams a reality.

Prior to the formation of the group in 2007, each member was on a different journey; with the common denominator being music - the link that would ultimately bind them together. Yung Juggz began his musical career at the tender age 12, his signing and rap skills gained the attention of industry icons. By the age of 19, he had become a Grammy nominated writer.

Whether it is Hip-Hop, Reggae or R&B, he creates it with unparalleled skill, his distinct versatility is what sets Yung Juggz apart from other artists. Drugzzzy B's musical career began behind two Technique turntables. Before hitting the microphone as a lyricist, he was busy spinning on the 1's and 2's. From the local back yard barbeques to the clubs, wherever the party was, Drugzzzy was sure to be there. Being a deejay was his first love, but Drugzzzy found that making music was his real true love. He turned in his turntables and set his focus on creating the records instead a playing them.

His distinct baritone voice along with his smooth persona captivated his audiences and kept them yearning for more. Remix and H.B.K's journey began similarly; the two brothers were brought up in a home where the church played a great influence. This structure and discipline would ultimately shape who they would become. They both always had a passion for music, which led them to form a dance group in the early 2000's called Rated R. Rated R would soon take off and introduce them to other various aspects of the music industry. The two dabbled in party promotions, which shot their popularity to an all-time high.

Honing in on his entrepreneurial nature, Remix co-founded a group known as The RockStar Society, which is the corner stone of what would become RSNY. The Rockstar society served as an entertainment conglomerate, which housed a urban wear clothing line, film production crew as well as RSNY Music. Look out for the Rock Star Society clothing line launch.

Deeply embedded in their Jamaican culture, while embracing their American upbringing, the group wanted to create music that truly was a reflection of who they are and where they're from, embodying both cultures. RSNY's mash-up of Reggae, Hip-Hop and R&B is truly unique. "Fusion Music" as they call it, is far from a generic replica of dancehall and hip-hop thrown together.

They deliver a sound that is the epitome of authenticity. Performing all across the East Coast, from NYC to MIA, before heading over for a quick stop in Jamaica, where they are deeply rooted and have gain an international fan base; they are branding themselves as a "New Era" of New York music. Currently signed to RSNY. Independent Group!