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Rootz Radicals

Authentic Reggae sound with a strong Dancehall and Hip-Hop touch. In 2015 Rootz Radicals released their EP “Lian Outta Den”, which stirred attention in their home Germany and abroad. The Reggae Magazine Zonareggae voted the song “Israel” among the best Reggae songs of 2015. In recent years, Rootz Radicals have drawn the attention of the international Reggae scene with their Video Single “Gal Weh In Deh” starring Miss Jamaica 2016 Ashlie Barrett, the Rootz Radicals “Israel Riddim Sampler” 2017 (Anthony B. Jahcoustix, Keida, and many more) and their single “Bad Government” feat. Fredie Wize & UCee, which hit the Global Reggae Charts at 11 in 2018.

Next to the European Press, even the Jamaican Gleaner made mention of Rootz Radicals in the context of the celebrations for international Reggae Day. Carolyn Cooper called their music “original, both roots and dancehall”. Rootz Radicals are serious about their music. Their ambition and authenticity is no accident, given the fact that it derives from a sincere and open-mined confrontation with the culture and music of Jamaica. Their lyrics are in Patwah, a distinctly Jamaican form of English creole and a more than creative language which allows them to communicate things in a way they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Their songs derive from first hand experiences on the island.

vAs a part of the Reggae Studies Unit, guitarist Chris was able to travel to Jamaica for six months, accompanied by frontman Uno Jahma. During that time, they learned a lot about Jamaican culture and music and also made contacts with many local artists, producers and promoters. Among them such illustrious names as Charley from Toots and the Maytals, with whom they worked on various tunes and Earl “Chinna” Smith with whom Chris recorded guitars.

Right now Rootz Radicals are working on an album, recorded in Rootz Radicals studios, various studios all over Jamaica and in Planet Earth Studios, Berlin. Also, Rootz Radicals will present another Riddim Sampler this year. Next to crew members, the Riddim with the title “Candy Kush Riddim”, which will be presented to the public along with UCee, will also be home to Luciano, Skarra Mucci, Rebellion The Recaller, and many more. On April 5, 2019, Rootz Radicals released “Grounded” feat. Rebellion The Recaller, a first glimpse into the riddim sampler and debut album. This dialogue between Rootz Radicals singer Uno Jahma and Rebellion The Recaller is dedicated to the timeless desire for being grounded.

 “August Town Sound” was released in 2019, another video project shot and produced in Jamaica, which deals with life in August Town, an upcoming community in Kingston, Jamaica. Next to the band members Uno Jahma and Chris Eastwood, August Town features local artists Fitta Warri and upcoming 12-year-old star Zion, who is also featured in DJ Khaled’s “Holy Mountain”.

The music of Rootz Radicals is a symbol for a cultural heritage and a musical sensation which has fascinated a worldwide audience since generations and serves as a tool for the emotions the band wants to convey. This is happening in a positive, yet serious and melancholic style. The roughness, the positive seriousness about life is the message resembled in the music of Rootz Radicals. By now, the band has not only made a name for themselves as a modern Roots and Dancehall live band. Since the release of the Israel Riddim on which they worked with Anthony B, Rebellion The Recaller, Jahcoustix and many others, it has become obvious that Rootz Radicals is also an innovative producer team: A mutually complementing Reggae collective around singer and head engineer Uno Jahma, guitarist and creative songwriter Chris Eastwood, the multi-instrumentalist and musical mastermind Thomas Eibl, bass player Henry Shell and drummer Tommy “Stroke” Dread. Rootz Radicals will not only continue to work with international and established artist on high-quality reggae content and produce emotional and contemporary Reggae & Dancehall, Rootz Radicals will also be appearing on several live stages of Europe’s Reggae Festivals.