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Video World Premiere: Ronnie Davis - Got To Go Home (Acoustic) #RIP


Video World Premiere: Ronnie Davis - Got To Go Home (Acoustic) #RIP

Today - March 12th 2017 - as loved ones gather at West Palm Gardens Chapel in Savanna La Mar, Westmoreland (Jamaica), to celebrate the life and honour the memory of the legend Ronnie Davis, we premiere his new music video Got To Go Home (Acoustic) from his latest album Iyahcoustic.

The video's director and album producer Henry "Sadiki" Buckley, Jr. about the video: "When I decided to do visuals for Got To Go Home (Acoustic), I thought I was just making a simple video of Ronnie trying to catch a lift home (i.e. a place where milk and honey flows). I would never have dreamed that it would become so real. The vibes that we felt out there on that day was mystical, so many of his friends passed by and stopped to hold a vibes with him. Now when I look back on the experience of filming the video, it's so prophetic. It's almost as if he was saying goodbye to his many friends."

Got To Go Home (Acoustic) is the third music video accompanying Davis’ album “Iyahcoustic”, released in August 2016. His first music video I Won’t Cry (Acoustic) was released in December of 2016 and has been viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube.