Razoof ADD


During school days already, Uwe Lehr got the nickname «Rasta» (that class mates gave him) because of his unconditional love for reggae music. That very nickname, combined with his real first name, led to the fact that people started to simply call him RAZOOF.
Being an acivist drummer on the blooming german reggae scene of the early 90's, he provided the backbeat for household names like Gentleman, Bantu, Patrice and don abi ... and joined reknown soundsystem collective Solar Moon only a bit later.
After various albums, compilation contributions and gigs with others, razoof started to produce original dub infused downtempo and deep house electronica material around Y2K ... released mainly through his own label imprint NESTA recordings, causing great international feedback. This way, razoof tracks like «Lambs Bread» (for the infamous stereo deluxe label) and «Universal Love» (released on san francisco dub house cult imprint jah love recordings) caused quite some global scale dancefloor heat ... while his top notch remixer loaden 2007 album «Life, Love & Unity» on phazzadelic went straight to the top of the german chillout charts for several weeks.
From 2007 till 2009 razoof was the resident dj at formenteras famous Blue Bar. In 2009 he released «High Tide, Low Tide» an album dedicated to his favourite island. The album features guest musicians like Lady Alma, Don Abi, Sebastian Sturm and ZEB.
In 2011 Razoof comes up with a dubs and remixes album called «Sun salutation». In november 2013 his new album «Jahliya Sound» will be released. It was recorded in jamaica, germany and the gambia and features 12 reggae songs and it's versions featuring famous reggae singers like Luciano, Mykal Rose, Naptali, Lutan Fyah and many more.