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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #98

12/19/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #98

Greetings brothers and sisters.

Peanut here once again. It's been a while but I have just been taking alittle downtime and relaxing after a year of blessful and prosperous works.

Although I still was in the studio finishing up projects and starting others. The downtime also allowed me to just practice and learn some more new tricks to my craft. Music is a never-ending journey.

This past Saturday (12/17/11) at Daves Taverna, I did my first show in awhile with Iron Lion.
Reached down to the venue round 8pm and setup and ordered some food. I had vegie burger pita with a salad. Food is always great there. After eating I hailed up everyone in the crew playing which was Brent, Gabe and Iron Lion. We did a quick sound check.

It was an early show so we started soon after. The vibes in the place was better than what I expected it to be. Crowd was nice and people was still coming in. Started out the first set with the Answer Riddim which Iron Lion touched beautifully. Putting his own lyrics on it. The crowd was into it and I could feel Iron Lion feeling the vibes as well. The first set was a mixture of originals and known covers, which went over well and the band was sounding good. At set break I got to reason with a lot of people I haven't seen in years. That's always nice when playing at home. Soon the break was over and we started out the second set. The place was more crowded and the vibes intensified. Started out the second set with Waiting In Vain which got the vibes going again. Iron Lion sounding great and giving up the love with great vocals.

Second set was just like the first a mixture of originals and known covers. Towards the end of the second set we did John Legends big hit Ordinary People which got the crowd really going.Soon after that my cousin and R&B singer Randy Washington walked in and Iron Lion called him up onstage for a impromptu r&b session with just Randy, Iron Lion and myself on piano. We did songs like Let's Chill by Guy, Hold Me Now by Chicago, Let Me Love You Down by Ready for The World and You Got It Bad by Usher. The crowd was singing along and dancing and having a great time. Iron Lion and Randy sounded great together with beautiful harmonies. Got to do that more often.

After the show I hung out for awhile and chatted with friends and fans thanking me for a good show and vibes. I packed up and headed out.

Just want to say give thanks to all who follow my blog, it means a lot to share my musical life and people enjoy reading about my world wide adventures. Please keep tuning in and spreading the word. Big up Julian and and Virginia Reggae for giving me the platform to display my musical journey for all to take in. I got nothing but Love for you. 2011 was a bless and prosperous year. 2012 should be even greater. Lots of great shows and tours on tap already till the end of the year. Watch out for them. Starting in January with the Roots Classic artist shows featuring Culture, The Meditations and The Itals.

Until next time.


Bless Peanut