Peanut Whitley ADD

Peanut Whitley

Chris"Peanut Whitley started his musical journey growing up watching his father and grandad play.Which sparked his intrest in music from a young age. Peanut attended Harrisonburg High School.


Went to college at Shenandoah'Conservatory of Music" University. Peanuts bands include Unification 1990,Unity 1990,Shades of Grey 1991,Rasta Rafiki 1991-92,Razor Posse 1992-1995,Dub Mystic 1995-96,Stableroots 1998 till present Peanut currently tours with Culture(1995 till present)and Corey Harris(2006 till present).

Has toured with over the tears with Culture,Corey Harris,Abyssinians,Eek A Mouse,The Itals,Mikey Dread.Just a few of the many groups and artist he has toured and played with.Has also toured with many Dancehall artist as well. Peanut has done countless studio sessions and recording and producing for artist over the years and still currently doing.

Some of the albums and groups he has played on are:Rasta Rafiki-Cousions,Stream Of Consciousness Culture-Livity,Trust Me Ever-g-Mission,Christmas Mood Corey Harris-Zion Crossroads,Blu Black Kid Pan Alley This is just a few of the albums he has played on. Peanut has also done lots of Producing as well.

Some albums are:Steve Martinez-Give Thanks Ever-g-Christmas Mood Corey Harris-Blu Black This is just a few of many songs he has produced for many bands and artist over the years in many different styles of music. Stableroots Productions has Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae tracks for sale.Or if needed for just live and studio sessions.

My Band Name we travel under and back artist is called Stable Roots.We are also for hire for live and studio sessions.Stable Roots is made up of international musicians with lots of experience in recording and live studio sessions,And can play many different styles of music.