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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #96

10/22/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #96

Greetings Brothers and Sisters, Peanut here once again.

Well its been awhile but the musical train has come calling again. Been busy doing studio work and catching up on some song writing for artist.

Corey Harris in Lancaster, PA @ Franklin & Marshall College 10/20/2011

Well the musical vibrations brought me (10/20/11) to Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster Pennsylvania with Corey Harris & The Rasta Blues Experience. It was a nice drive up,we left late evening and reached in at the Lancaster Arts Hotel round 3am. Checked everyone in fast cause we had a strict 9am sound check and load in.

Reached the venue which was on campus at the gymnasium,the sound guys had already been set up and ready for us which is always great. So we loaded in and setup and waited for a few as they miced and wired up everything. While waiting I got the chance to meet who was responsible for bringing us up there. I try to always do this and let them know how appreciative I am.I also had a few minutes to write out a setlist.

Soon as I was done, they where ready for sound check.We haven't played in awhile so I made sure we did an in depth sound check to make sure everything was still tight which it was, cause on this level professionalism is a must. After sound check we went to the green room and chilled till show time. Didn't take long cause 11:30am show comes quick. They came for us ,as we entered the gym the place was jam packed with lots of energy.

We took our places as the hostess introduced Corey and we went into our jazz version of Redemption song by Bob Marley featuring Gordon " Saxman " Jones.

The crowd loved it as we went straight into the show overture into the first song  Esta Loco. I was looking out into the crowd which was mixed with college kids,faculty and locals of all ages. I like watching to see the audience take in the diverse musical journey that Corey Harris show delivers. They where very much into it and they  showed there appreciation thruout the show with lots of loud cheers,screams and clapping. Every song ,for the most part is a different musical vibration and each one had them on there edge of the seat wondering what was coming next.

Corey was in full swing with his heavenly voice and guitar work in sync with one another. The band tight as ever, big up Trini Joe- Drums , Brother J- Bass , Saxman Jones - Sax  and myself Thelonious Nut , a name Corey calls me ha ha. We ended the show with Better Way to a full house standing ovation.

After the show we took pics and signed autographs and packed up.

On a different note lots of musical vibrations world wide is coming real soon. Lots of blessful musical works are coming my way. Stay tuned I will have lots to share with you.

Until Next Time , Bless Peanut