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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #95

09/28/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #95

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.

Peanut here once again.Well, Well lots have been going on in and around me lately.I must say it's all love though. I am enjoying what i am seeing from musicians,artist and fans.Supporting the music openly and allowing the onness of it all take over.Give thanks.

Well back to my musical travels. Hum,Let's see had two shows one Saturday (9/24/2011) at The International Festival in Harrisonburg, VA with Ever-G and Monday (9/26/2011) at Martini Kitchen in Richmond, VA with Ras Puma.


Harrisonburg, VA @ International Festival 9/24/2011
First up The International Festival with Ever-g & Stable Roots.Ever-g met me at my house and we drove down to the festival site where the rest of the band was to meet us.When we reached both of us was taken back at how big the festival was and how many people in attendance.It was a beautiful site to see,so many different cultures and people coming together in a one.

We parked behind the stage and waited for the rest of the band.They came soon after. We sat up and the crowd was really excited to hear us. It's been a along time since we played a festival in Harrisonburg and the people missed us.

After setting up we did a quick sound check and went into the show intro.From first song to the last song the people where dancing and singing along having a great time.I must admit i love seeing different race and cultures of people in the same setting moving in one accord. It is such a blessing and a beautiful feeling to be a part of musically.. Ever-G did a great job and gave a great performance as usual.Greg on bass,Brent on drums held it down as well.

After playing we hungout for awhile then headed out.

Richmond, VA @ Martini Kitchen 9/26/2011
Next up was Martini Kitchen on Monday with Ras Puma & Stable Roots.Well what can i say but the Lion has returned fresh from his journeys with Thievery Corporation worldwide and beyond.

Greg and I drove down together where we met Ras Puma and the rest of the crew. It was good seeing him and we hailed each other up and reasoned for a bit. Been awhile.I felt the vibe in the house and I knew it was going to be a good night.On tap playing i had a world class set of musicians onstage for the people.Bass Greg,Drums Brent,from Antero family Jake on percussion and Wiley on guitar and backing vocals. Saxman Jones and introducing Mr. Mark on Trumpet. More on him later,trust me.

We went over alot of new songs at sound check since Puma been gone awhile and we wanted to come back fresh. We went over some Thievery songs and Archives,which is another band and project Ras Puma is involved with.We checked for some new covers and some of the originals Ras Puma has performed before with us.

People started rolling in, DJ.Williams, Sistah Kerri, Cree, Razzaq,Brother Phillip, Ras Anatole and the Queen, Chuckie youth and his Queen alot of the elder rasta community in Richmond.Always a blessing to see and feel the energy and the love from all you guys.

Soon it was time to start.We did a few instrumentals to get the vibes going and wow versions of Rockfort Rock and Swing Easy went over nice.Featuring solos by Saxman Jones and Mark on Trumpet.

Then we brought on Ras Puma with an original tune Feel This Joy as the crowd cheered and screamed Ras Puma. The first set we did a mixture of new and old covers stuff like Max Romeo-Chase The Devil, Wildfire by Dennis Brown, Groovy Little Thing by Beres Hammond to name a few. Crowd was loving it.

Took a set break and I reasoned with everyone for awhile and i took in the vibes before set 2.Started out the next set with some Thievery Corporation songs and Archives songs which went over well with the crowd.Mixed in some Beres Hammond,Sizzla,Barrington Levy,Burning Spear,Bob Marley and more new and old originals.Table was set and and everyone delivered.

I want to say big ups to Mark on Trumpet.First time with the crew and hopefully not the last,he produced some wicked solos and Saxman Jones and him where really tight with the horn parts.Sounded wicked.As usual the rest of the crew did well. Antero family Jake and first time with us as well, Wiley represented well on Guitar and hope its the first of many gigs with you. One Love.

Richmond always shows us the love. It's like our second home. VA stand up, Reggae is here to stay and many players of instruments are carrying the torch worldwide and putting the VA reggae massive on the map.

Until next time. Peace and Blessings