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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #88

06/21/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #88

Greetings Brothers and Sisters

Peanut here once again.

Well it's Day 3 on the Ital's tour up north USA.

Had a day off on Sun. So we just chilled out and everyone got some much needed rest in Westminster Vermont. Left the next day for the show in  Burlington Vermont at Club Metronome (6/20/2011). Reached the hotel around 3pm and checked in. Had a few hours to cool out since sound check wasn't till 6pm.

I just got caught up on email and reasoned with Roops for awhile about the tour so far. Soon it was time for sound check as Greg knocked on the door to let us know. Headed down to the club and man to unload was crazy. We had to take the equipment up 3 flights of stairs.Everyone got some exercise ha ha ha.

Sound check took awhile since Keith and Ronnie wasn't satisfied with their mics and monitors. Finally got it right and we went back to the hotel. Roops and myself walked to the Chinese place and ordered some food. Didn't have alot of time so we had to eat fast and get ready for the show. Reached back at the venue round 9pm and the opening band was just finishing up. Everyone was in the dressing room and it was crowded so I just hung outside for a few and got my thoughts together on the songs.

Soon Greg said they are ready for us so we took to the stage. Started out the night with instrumental versions of Love Me Forever and Swing Easy. The venue was packed and full of vibes. As we finished the instrumentals the crowd was packed up front chanting Itals,Itals. It was a good feeling to see and hear.

We went into the show intro overture straight to Smile Knotty. As Keith and Ronnie walked onstage, a loud cheer rung out. You must hear them sing together. Beautiful harmonies. Song after song in The Itals archives rung out with Stable Roots band in perfect harmony with each other. Action, Rastafari Charriot, Call Jah Name all mashed up the place taken the crowd deep into there archives.

Then Ronnie Davis took center stage and we did, Play Your Part, Living In The Ghetto and Peace and Love. Once again the vibes was nice as we changed gears and the people got to see and hear Ronnie sing lead. It was really hot in the venue I was soaked from head to toe and the crowd looked like they had all been swimming ha ha ha.

Farewell, Rasta Philosophy, Heathen, Chill Out, Got To Reveal went over well with the crowd. I could tell the people really knew the Itals' music. Alot of them where singing along with Keith. Ended the night with The Way You Are, One Dance With You as Keith and Ronnie exited the stage to a standing ovation with lots of cheers for one more song.

We started the encore with Inna Dis Ya Time, The Itals' biggest hit. The crowd went crazy as Keith and Ronnie exchanged lyrics and popular songs on the riddim. It was really nice. Show ended and the crowd would not leave. Kept asking for more. But it was too late. We hung out for awhile and then packed up. No one was looking forward to walking all that equipment downstairs ha ha.Big Up Greg and Brent for doing it.

Have one more show left on this portion on the tour in Rhode Island.

Until next Time

Bless Peanut