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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #86

06/18/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #86

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.

Peanut here once agian. Well, Stable Roots is on the road backing up The Itals for four shows.

Started out with rehearsal june 15th and 16th in Washington DC. The rehearsal went well each day going about 5 hours long each time not including breaks. Getting the music tight so everyone is comfortable.

We headed for Boston thursday night after rehearsal. Reached Boston around 8am and checked into the hotel and we all got some rest. I got up took a shower and reasoned with my bredren Jah Roops - Bassie. Haven't seen him in about a year so we got to catch up a little.

Then Greg, Brent and myself went to a mexican restaurant near by and ordered some food. After eating I took a nap till it was time to leave for sound check and the show.

The first show was at Western Front (6/17/2011) in Cambridge, MA, near Boston. Reached the venue and set up and did a quick sound check. Had to go quick cause there was two opening bands to set up as well.

Jah Roops and myself went down to the dressing room and chilled and reasoned till showtime.

The first two bands where good. Mixture between dub and roots crossed with a little rock. It was nice.

Then it was time for us. We went up to the stage and got the sound back together. The vibe in the place was irie and it was hot as well so I knew it was going to be a hot one, ha ha.

We went into Love Me Forever Instrumental into Swing Easy to warm up the crowd. Then right into the show intro as Greg introduced the Itals. Crowd was ready and cheering. First song in was Smile Knotty Dread into Action. Band sounding good. Big Up Brent, Greg and the Stable Roots Posse representing.

Keith Porter and Ronnie Davis had the vocals sounding sweet like it was a 1970 motown revue. Sweet, Sweet.

Songs like Reveal, Heathen, Chill Out, Play Your Part, Living In A Paradise, Don't Blame It On Me all went over well.

Crowd was in full swing with everyone sweating and having a good time. Keith Porter yelling out "Do You Want More" and the crowd responds yes, ha ha ha. Keith likes that, ha ha.

One More Dance With You into Jah Glory and the Itals went off to a loud cheer as they screamed more more. Greg got on the mic and asked them if they did and we went right into Inna Dis Ya Time whiich always mashes up the place. Their biggest hit for sure.

Keith and Ronnie walked back on and away we went and man it was a nice ride. Love hearing them sing this song. Keith had the crowd singing it with him as he exited the stage. We ended the show.

Afterwards we hungout for a few as Keith and Ronnie signed autographs and took pictures with the people.Then we packed up and headed out. Next stop is Nectars on Marthas Vineyards.

Until next time.

Bless Peanut.