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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #85

06/10/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #85

Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Peanut here once again.

Well its been a few days since my last blog. Been bless with being busy with the music. Played saturday twice at Newport News Family Day with Ever-g during the day and Schooners with Iron Lion that night. Sunday at 309 Martini Bar with Righteous and monday reggae night at Martini Kitchen with Chris Puma.

As you can see been a busy week so far. But I give thanks for the works.

First up was Newport News Family Day (6/4/11) backing up Ever G.It was a nice gig performing for the community down there. We went on around 12:30pm.We only played for and hour but it went pretty quick.The vibe was nice and Ever-G always puts on a guy show.Greg was on bass,Brent on drums,saxman jones on sax and myself on keyboards.We did a mixture of covers and originals.

After playing i hung around cause we had to back up Iron Lion later that day at Schooners.I was hanging backstage and i was able to see alot of sistren and bredren like Sister Kerri,Cree,Ed Dread,Red Dread,LA the whole United Souls Posse.Chatted with Seko as well.Big up Virginia Reggae.

Drummie and I headed over to Schooners around 6pm and unloaded and ordered some food as we waited for Greg and Iron Lion to get there.They reached around 9pm and we sat up real quick and did a quick sound check.

The show was irie,always fun playing with Iron Lion.Its been awhile since we backed him up. We did alot of nice tunes including some of the old originals we use to do from way back. That was fun.Must do that again. Big Up Iron Lion.

After playing we packed up real quick and headed back home since we had another gig with Righteous the next day.

I reached over to 309 Martini Club (6/5/11) the next day around 6pm and met Greg and Brent.We unloaded and set up and chilled.Righteous and Brain was in the building already.They where setting up the sound.So drummie and i ordered some food and chilled till they where ready for us.

Did a quick sound check and Greg came up and did a solo set.It was nice hearing his originals stripped down.

Then we came on with Righteous and I must say its always an experience when i perform with him. Lots of energy and  vibes.The band had fun.The vibe in the place for both sets was fun. In waynesboro they don't get reggae much so big up those are coming out to support it. After that gig I went home and crashed out to catch up on some much needed rest.Have another gig at martini kitchen the next day.

Well i got up with Greg and Brent in Cville around 6pm at Hans place and we packed up and headed down to Martini Kitchen(6/6/11) in Richmond for the gig with Chris Puma & Stable roots.After reaching we sat up and went to the Chinese place and ate before sound check. When we reached back saxman Jones and the sound man was ready for us. Went over some new songs for the show.

I was hanging outside chatting with Ras Mel who is setting in with us on guitar tonight.He is just getting back from on tour with The wailers.So we was having fun and talking about tour stories.

The night started out a little dead but Chris Puma and the crew was still full of vibes. We did alot of originals to start out as people started to come in.By the second set the place was in full swing and the table was set to have a irie time playing music and feeling the energy of the people in the building.

The whole second set the crowd sang along and kept the dance floor packed and full of energy.Chris Puma was mashing up the place.

Time always goes by so fast there. Guess from all the fun we be having.Ha Ha.

We finished the night out with some Buju with the crowd singing along with Puma. After finishing i packed up quick and headed home.I had to get up early to practice for the Itals shows coming up. Also Corey Harris was coming to my house to record a song and interview with The House Of Blues radio.

Got up after bout 3 hours of sleep and rehearsed and set up for Corey to do his session.He reached around noon.Corey did about a 45 min. interview which I recorded for HOB to send to them.After we started to work on this track for a Austrian group that wants Corey to sing and play guitar on.It went over well and pretty quick. Corey is always prepared and is a constant professional in the studio.

Lets see lots of musical vibrations in the air.Stable Roots will be backing up The Itals for shows real soon, so look out for those blogs and pics.But myself and Stable Roots will do a few more shows backing up some artist before then.

Until next time Bless Peanut