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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #84

05/23/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #84

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.

Peanut here once again. Well, the musical train took I to BW3 in Richmond, VA (5/20/2011) with Chris Puma & Stable Roots, Pisgah Brewery in Black Mountain, NC (5/21/2011) with Corey Harris & The Rasta Blues Experience and Martini Bar (5/22/2011) in Waynesboro, VA with The Righteous Friendz Band.

As you can see I have been busy and give thanks for the musical blessings. Each night a different vibe with a a different set and musical vibes. Which I love. Diversity musically is a beautiful thing.

I met Brent and Greg in Charlottesville and headed on down to Richmond. Reached and unloaded and sound checked. We chilled till showtime. The vibe in the place was irie and the people wanted to hear some reggae.

What is funny is that watching people discover reggae for the first time and being captivated by it. Chris Puma and Stable Roots has a way of doing that.

The musical connection with those in attendance was real intense and mystical. They all danced and cheered as they got to be part of a musical uplifting experience by Chris Puma.

Original Tunes like I Can't Wait, Reasoning,Much More, Nice Thing, Feel This Joy and When The Morning Come mashed up the place like they where reggae classics. Cover tunes like Sweetness, Too Experience, Broader Than Broadway, Cant Be My Lover, Jam Rock, Jah Live and Roller Skates went over just as well. It was an irie night. Ended the night with Chris Puma and Greg ward doing a wicked version of Redemption Song.

The next day, Corey and the rest of the band met at my house and we packed up and started on the 5 hour drive to Black Mountain, NC.
Reached there around 4pm to unload and sound check. After setting up the stage we sound checked and went over new songs off the brand new album Father Sun, Mother earth,

After sound check we ordered some Thai food and chilled as the other band, Grant Green sound checked.

We all chilled in the green room till show time. Grant Green went up first. Man they are wicked. Smooth Jazz at its best. The crowd loved them.

After they finished we had to reset the stage back up a little. Once we was ready, we went right into Redemption Song which got the whole crowd to come forward and sing along. Gordon Saxman Jones does a wicked version of the song.

The vibe in the house was real irie. Lots of energy. It was good to see and watch the people wanting to hear Corey Harris.

Corey was blessing the crowd with his soaring vocals and guitar playing. The band was in full swing as well displaying the diverse musical chops alongside Corey's catalog with the blues as the root.

Songs like Esta Loco, Sister Rose, More Precious, E Blues, A Blues, Better Way, All The Kings went over very well as the crowd stayed on the dance floor and having a great time. The reggae portion of the night brought the house down. Cleanliness, Babylon Walls, The Ark of The Covenant and Sweatshop had the feel and vibes of a island show in Jamaica.

Give thanks Pisgah Brewery and Black Mountain for the love and energy.

Sunday was two shows, first one was doing a music in the park in Harrisonburg VA. with Iron Lion, Greg Ward, Brent Feline and myself. We did a acoustic piano, bass and percussion set. It was nice vibing musically with Iron Lion on vocals. We did alot of the older songs I have written with Iron Lion mixed with new ones and some reggae classics.

Then Greg, Brent and I headed to Martini Bar in Waynesboro Va. to set up  for Righteous Friendz band. We all was setting in with them for the night.

We did a quick sound check cause they had a acoustic act to perform an early set.

When it was time for us we took to the stage and went into the show. If you have never seen Righteous perform you are missing lots of energy and stage antics and presence being channeled like the man Human Rights AKA HR..The people love him and gave up the love. Hometown energy mixed with good vibes always brings forth a good night. The vibes was good as we did a mixture of originals and some covers. Had a great time with lots of fun.

Until next time Bless.