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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #83

05/17/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #83

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.

Peanut here once again. Well my musical travels took I too California this past weekend with Corey Harris at The Biscuits & Blues (5/13/2011) and The Kuumbwa Jazz Center (5/14/2011) in Santa Cruz California.

We reached San Francisco around 11 am at the airport and Corey and I got a rental car and headed to the hotel to check in and relax till sound check time.The promoter picked us up round 5pm and we did sound check.It was a real quick sound check and we went and ate some food.

Show time came quick.Corey was to perform two shows one at 8pm and at 10pm.The vibe was real irie for both shows with the people loving it and being in awww of Corey and his musical works.It is always a blessing to partake in that with him.Watching the musical journey take place. We packed up and headed back to the hotel.We have a early ride up to Santa Cruz and we need to get there early.

Reached Santa Cruz around 11 am and checked into the hotel.As I was walking to the room I heard music and looked over and saw that a festival was right next door to the hotel.Corey and I took a walk over there.Funny thing happened.As we where walking over there Corey was telling me that his cousin lived there.

The festival was nice and Corey and I was just walking around taking in the sites when he bumped into his cousin. Wow what was the chances.Ha Ha. Anyway I met her and we put here and some of her friends on the guest list for the show.

Soon after we had to leave cause the promoter Jose Olivas was at the hotel to pick us up to head to the first engagement of the evening.It was a ceremony with Dr. Angela Davis and Corey performing at a Building being named in her Honor at the University of Santa Cruz.

Reached the ceremony and wow I was so excited there she was Dr. Angela Davis. What an honor to finally meet her and feel her presence. We didn't talk long cause everything was running late.Corey went on and did a few songs with a big applause from the crowd.Then Angela Davis talked for a bit and they gave her a plaque in her honor.We left there and went to sound check at The Kuumbwa Center and then onto dinner with all the people on tonights show.On the show was world re known poets Shailja Patel from Kenya and Ekua Omosupe from Mississippi, also Dr Angela Davis was to speak with Corey Harris performing as well.

We all reached dinner and I got the privileged to set beside Dr. Angela Davis.Man I had so many questions for her. For those he don't know her. Google her and see for yourself. A true legend.
While we where eating I just started talking with her and she was real easy to chat with. She opened right up and we had some beautiful reasoning sessions and discussions about the world, race and politics. I also enjoyed listening to her and Corey Harris chat about views as well.

After eating we had a little time before the show. We walked back to the venue and chilled in the backroom till show time.

First up was Dr. Angela Davis.The place was packed and they all stood and gave her a standing ovation as she started to speak. She talked about her life and her experiences and all of the things she is involved in worldwide.I was in aww listening and feeling the vibes of the room as she spoke. Everyone hung on her every word. A beautiful speaker indeed.

She finished and she introduced Corey Harris. Corey came on and to a great applause as well.Before he started playing he told the people in the audience that that was the best and most influential figure to ever introduce him and that he was honored.

Corey did about 4 songs and he exited the stage to a standing ovation. Corey was excellent in his story telling thru his music and the people felt it and gave up the love.

Next up was Ekua Omosupe and her poetry readings. Wow is all I could say.What a powerful woman and I see why she is world re known for her poetry and words. The crowd loved her.

Then Shailja Patel came up and did her poetry. First I want to say I also enjoyed reasoning with her about world problems and politics. She is very wise and insightful about the world and whats going on.Very uplifting for sure. During her performance I was looking around and the crowd was in just aww as she performed her readings.The way she used her body and voice,it was like watching a one woman stage play. Very intense and the people responded when she finished with a standing ovation.

Corey came back up and did a few more songs and ended the night with another standing ovation.The love was in the house for sure.

After the show we had a chance to take pics with everyone and reason some more before Corey and I headed back to the hotel.We had a early flight back to Richmond Va.

I want to say Big Thanks to Jose Olivas for making that happen. It was truly a blessing to meet Dr. Angela Davis and all the other strong woman.Big Up California with all the love and support you gave as well.

One Love Peanut. Bless.