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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #82

05/09/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #82

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.

Peanut here once again.

Well I must say this past weekend has been a very busy and a bless one with the music and vibes. Let's see it started out Thurs. at Plaza Azteca (5/5/2011) in Williamsburg with Ever-G & Stable Roots.

Got to say it was an experience.Wow.Cinco De Mayo wow. Man Ever-G and the crew had the place swinging.It was a huge crowd and everyone had fun.Hope to do that again next year.

Next up was the Buckaroe Reggae Fest. in Hampton Va.(5/7/2011) backing up Chris Puma,Hopeton and Ever-G. The line up also had Destined Nation,Session Rockers,Young LIon,United Souls and Tuff Lion.

I was real surprised at the turn out when we reached around noon time.The place was already in full swing.We set up and did a sound check.Then i got a chance to sit down and reasoned with Sistah Kerri for abit about the music.That was a bless convo. Big Up Sister Kerri for the great words of wisdom.

Then it was time to hit the stage i hailed up Brother Seko and the Virginia Reggae crew and all the volunteers i saw.I was glad to see there hard work paying off.

First up was Chris Puma and right off the bat the place and the vibe was in order. We started out the 1st Annual Buckaroe Reggae Festival with Rockford Rock into the intro right into original tunes Feel This Joy and Reasoning. Chris Puma had the crowd very much aware of how big a talent he is and for the future of reggae.I was looking around and i could see people like wow he is going first.It was nice to see the surprised faces all over.Great way to start out the festival strong and continued the whole day.Puma did mostly originals except Come Around,Driver, Too Experience and Broader Than Broadway by Barrington Levy.Had the people up on there feet dancing and skanking. Felt good to start the day off so strong.Ended Pumas set with Driver that had the crowd paying much attention.

Next up was Hopeton.As we went into his first song Vibes A Flow that's what i saw in the place. The reggae vibes a flow. Kept seeing more people coming in to enjoy the reggae vibes.I saw family's,couples,friends and people who did''t even know or maybe like reggae but curiosity and vibes brought them there.

Hopeton's set was a nice irie roots all original set with songs like Who Are You To Judge, Rasta Always Take The Blame.The crowd loved him as he gave a great performance. Big up Hopeton for the vibes.

The band was sounding great and dealing with the adversity of the monitors on stage but i commend the guys for hanging in there and over coming it and letting the music and vibes take over instead of the stage issues.
We didn't take a break, next artist we where backing up was Ever-G.Bout this time the place was getting really packed and the vibes was even stronger.We went into Ever-G's show intro right into Let Jah Music Play which rung out all thru the place and the vibe was felt.Ever-G came on stage with alot of energy that the crowd felt and responded too.He did mostly originals like Mission,Can't Steal My Joy and covers like Waiting In Vain and Heathen that had the whole crowd singing and dancing too.They gave up the love for Ever-G.He ended his set with The Reggae Anthem One Love which everyone was singing. Big up Ever-G and Pamela J on background vocals for a wicked performance.

Well our job was done. Stable Roots blessed the place backing up 3 wicked artist. It was time for us to relax and take in the vibes and enjoy all the other acts to follow.

After packing up we got alot of great responses from the people and other bands for the sound. Give thanks for the acknowledgement Hampton Massive.We felt nothing but love form everyone.

As for me i got to see and talk with soo many people i haven't seen in years. Man where do i begin. Strong Joe,Ed Dread, Red Dread,LA,Gabe,Tuff Lion,Reggie,Bigga,Junior Blessings to name a few. So many to many to even write.Ha Ha.So if i didn't write your name i didn't forget ya just would run out of space.

Destined Nation was up next and did a great job. The crowd loved them and they sounded great.They had a nice original sound, I love Junior Blessings voice. Next after that was Session Rockers and i must say i thought i was out on the West Coast listening to a west coast reggae band. There sound would do well out there. I loved the horns and the Sister singing lead up front. Oh can't forget Young Lion as well. Man i was surprised to see him upfront doing his solo thing. He also sounded great.Bless Up Lion.

Then next up was United Souls,Hummm where do i begin to describe these bredrens of mine ha ha. Okay here ya go. High Energy Reggae and Soul with So much stage presence and diversity in there music.They had the crowd at attention and loving every minute.Red Dread and LA did a great job holding down the frontline.Ed Dread and Gabe and the rest of the posse held down the music as well.They did a great set.Loved the t-shirts hey had on as well. I will be expecting one.

Then it was the headliner Tuff Lion and the crew.At this point it was getting dark the crowd was in rare form and ready for more. If i had to guess at least a few thousand people attended the festival.Tuff Lion came on and did about 4 songs because of the curfew.Even still it was a great set.The band sounded good and and the vibes was in the place.

Big Up all Virginia Reggae Players of Instruments who lent there time and effort.Nuff Love.We shall do it again next year.

The next day Sun.(5/8/2011) had a show at Springfest in Ocean City with Ever-G.After last nights reggae festival, the band and the vibes was high and we all where looking forward to playing again.

Reached up there at noon and set up and did a quick sound check.The vibe was nice at the place and i could tell the people where in the mood for some reggae vibes.i saw a mixture of old and young and everything in between.I knew it be a fun gig.I was so right.We did the same Ever-G set we did the day before at the reggae festival.The crowd loved it and wanted more but we couldn't because other bands had to play as well.Ever-G mashed up the place. Big Up Stable Roots for a job well done all weekend.

Like i keep saying nuff musical vibrations and movements are soon to come. Keep your ears and eyes open. The Musical Blessings are a flowing.

Give Thanks.

Until next time Peanut.