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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #81

05/03/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #81

Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Peanut here once again.

Well the Stable Roots musical train touched down in Charlotte, NC (4/30/2011) at a Private Party with Chris Puma and at The Yorktown Pub (5/1/2011) in Yorktown, VA on Sunday Night with Ever-G.

The private party was setup by our my friends at Reggae Central in Charlotte. Big thanks for looking out for us.

We reached up there around 5pm and unloaded at the party site. The host Peter was real irie and he had us meet everyone there. The vibe was real nice. Always great when you get to a gig and you hear reggae playing and the whole scene is all about reggae and the vibes.

I smelled fish being cooked so I was looking forward to that ha ha.

We set up and did a sound check and hung out talking and eating with everyone till it was time to play. I was talking to Chris Puma and we both agreed this should be a fun gig and boy was it ever. First I want to say Big Up Ralph "I'm Ralphtafari" for stepping in on bass and covering  for us. Always a pleasure and sounded wicked as usual.

The first set we did a mixture of covers and originals to get the vibe right and getting the people comfortable. Getting them to want to dance and have a good time. Didn't take much. Behind Peter's lead the whole party was in full swing pretty quickly and everyone was having a good time. Chris Puma delivered as usual working the stage and getting the people involved.

At set break Peter was like wow I had now idea I was going to get something like this. It is all I expected and more. It was cool to hear that. Everyone there was really giving up the vibes. Just before the second set Reggae Central posse showed up and I reasoned with them for awhile thanking them for the show and talking about future works together.

The second set was high energy with the crowd on overload. They where ready to get it on. Ha Ha, it was so funny seeing the old and the young mix it up together like that. Nothing more beautiful then watching family and friends having a good time.We did all there favourites and request.

We ended the night with Redemption Song with everyone singing along.

The next day we drove 5 hours from Charlotte to Yorktown, VA. Reached the venue around 5pm and ordered some food and ate and chilled till it was time to unload and set up. Ever-G reached around 8pm while we was setting up the stage and getting ready to sound check. The vibe in the place was irie and i could tell they where looking forward to hearing some live reggae music.

Ever-G was in good spirits and always giving up the vibes.We did a quick sound check and went into the show.First up was Stir It Up to get the vibe going in the place. Ever-G was full of energy that was contagious and it got the people involved and the vibe was set for the night. The first set was full of known covers and his originals. Everything went over well and the crowd was loving it.

Took a set break and i wrote out the second set and reasoned with some of the people in the place. They where having a good time. We started out the second set with Lively Up Yourself and the dance floor was in full swing. The whole second set, the energy in the place was great and Ever-G gave it back. It was fun seeing everyone having a good time.

I want to say Big Up Chris Puma who was in the place giving up the support. Big Up Jake from Antero for setting in on Percussion. Big Up Mike Dread for letting us use his drums.

As I said before thanks for following the blog. Lots of musical movements coming forward in the next few months. Stay tuned. The musical Blessings is a flowing and I give thanks.

Until next time Bless. Peanut