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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #80

04/18/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #80

Greetings Brothers and Sisters. It's Peanut here once again.

First I want to say give thanks for life and the blessing of the almighty. This past weekend on the road with Everton Blender in Raleigh, NC, I witnessed a tornado first hand that killed alot of people and did alot of damage. I have never seen such a site with my own eyes before. Seeing big debris flying thru the air like nothing, was a reminder of how powerful the almighty is. Signs & Wonders must be respected. I give thanks that Everton Blender, his manager Omar, Guitarist Greg Ward and myself was safe thru it all. Pray for all of those who lost there life and for the ones who lost everything. Count your blessings. Bless

Alright back to the music. Had two shows this past weekend with Everton Blender, first was at Pisgah Brewery (4/15/2011) in Blk. Mtn. NC. and at Southland Ballroom (4/16/2011) in Raleigh, NC.

We had rehearsal thursday night at Ralphtafari's house. It went well. Got to go over all the songs with Everton and just vibes. The next day we headed down to Black Mountain,  which was a 4 hour drive. Reached the venue which was Pisgah Brewery and unpacked and setup. Did a nice long sound check with Everton to make sure everyone was comfortable.

After sound check we ate and went back to the hotel till showtime. Didn't have much time at the hotel, just enough to shower and change clothes and  get back to the venue. It was raining when we got back but the place was still full and ready for some Everton Blender.

We took to the stage and we did a set with Bassie Ralphtafari and Guitarist Greg Ward sharing the lead vocal duties to warm up the crowd for Everton.
Soon it was time to bring on Everton Blender. Started out with the show intro right into Have You Ever? a brand new tune by Everton. The crowd gathered close to the stage as Everton was singing and dancing. Next up was Coming Harder, Blend Dem,Piece Of The Blender. Man Everton had the crowd in his hands. The vibes was irie and the band was sounding great.Next up was Rougher and Tougher,King Man,Hail The King which also went over well.

I tell you every time i play with Everton i love hearing his unique voice and stage presence.Very heartical.It is a joy watching the crowd just caught up in the vibes as well.Little Green Apples, Cadamawah, War Monger Man mashed up the place. World Corruption, Shanty Town featured Bassie Ralphtafri and Everton. I love how Everton loves just the bass alot while he is singing. Bassline was rumbling and the crowd was feeling every note. Live Up needed many wheels and come again before we could get into the song. Man the crowd sang the whole song with Everton. I Love Jah,Jah, Blow Your Nose featured myself on keyboards.

When we touch down with The Man,from the first mix till the last mix Everton had the crowd mesmerised with his stage antics.He really feels the music and gives up the vibes.Next up was Lift Up Your Head which also needed multiple wheel and come again. Ha Ha it was crazy. People really love that tune. Everton let the crowd now that this was one of his songs that really bust him worldwide.

As he left the stage, we went into Create A Sound and Everton came back on and mashed up the place right into Family Man. It was a bless show and the people where very appreciative.

The next show was at South Land Ballroom in Raleigh,NC. Reached the venue around 6pm after the tornado struck and we had no power. So I was a little curious if the venue had been damaged or had power. Got there and was surprised it did have power and was okay. We un-packed and set up and did a quick sound check. There was alot of artist on the bill so we had to go quick.

Found out then that I would have to play keys for all the opening acts as well. So we did a quick run thru all of them as well. Then Greg and I went to eat some Chinese and reason about the tornado that happened earlier.

Instead of going back to the hotel room we went back to venue.The hotel and the whole area had no power and buildings where mashed up.Got back to venue people where already coming in. Went back stage and chilled till it was time for us to back all the artist on the show.

They called for us and we took to the stage.Wow we backed up 7 artist back to back and took a break. The crowd was into it and it is always good to help new artist and give them a chance to showcase there talents as well. It was fun. They all sounded great.

After a 30 minute break we hit the stage again to bring on Everton Blender.

I swear it was like Deja Vu. We did the same set list and Everton mashed up the place the same way. Vibes was really high with alot of West Indians in the place. They knew every song. Everton did a longer encore since he was feeling the vibes in the place. At one point during the show Everton stopped the band and spoke about the tornado that hit earlier and said a blessing for all. That was real nice of him.

Ended the night with Ghetto people Song to a standing ovation. After the show we packed up and headed out.

Until next time.

Bless. Peanut.