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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #78

03/29/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #78

Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Peanut here once again.

Well last night (3/28/2011) Chris Puma & Stable Roots was at reggae Monday's at Martini Kitchen.

I got up with Greg, who was setting in on bass since Jayson couldn't make it. He met me at my house. We packed up and picked up Brent in Charlottesville and headed down to Richmond. Reached down there and unloaded and ordered some food. Ate and waited for the sound guy to finish setting up. Gordon rolled in and we reasoned for a few. Then Puma,Jake and Ras Mel entered the building.

We did a quick sound check and started playing. The vibe was a little weird in the place. It was a nice crowd there already but very relaxed. I guess cause VCU won yesterday and everyone is parted out ha ha.
Anyway we started out with Rockfort Rock and Swing Easy dubs featuring Ras Mel and Gordon on solos. Then we called on Puma and we went into Much More an original tune off  
his Blazing Fire CD produced by Laundromat Pro.

Crowd was into it. Puma was sounding great as usual. The first set we did alot of new tracks. Songs like Suzy Wong, I can't wait, Morning Come, to name a few.The band was in full swing and the vibe started to change. People started to loosen up and enjoy themselves. It is so true, when the music hits, you feel no pain.

Rest of the first set was full of covers and originals. Ended the first set with Broader Than Broadway. At set break I wrote out a next set and chilled for a bit. I talked with Brother Phillip and Ras Nate about upcoming shows.

Then it was time for the second set. By now a bigger crowd was in the place and the vibe surely changed. They where ready for some music.Started out with Jah Live into I feel Good  followed by There Gonna Talk,Promise Land,Can't Be My Lover,Front Door,Small World,Jam Rock to name a few. The dance floor was packed and the energy level picked way up.

I called up Ras Anatole and Puma and they did War and The Heathen together, mashed up the place.

You know what I realized is that people just want to have a good time and feel good about the music they listen too. Be inspired, uplifted by it. It is truly a blessing to be a musical messenger and providing the vibes for the people.

We ended the night with Murderer featuring solos by everyone which mashed up the place for real. The crowd really enjoyed watching and hearing the bands self expression thru there own vibes.

After the show we reasoned for awhile, then packed up and headed home.

Until next time. Bless Peanut