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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #77

03/22/2011 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #77

Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Peanut here once again.

First I want to give thanks for Julian at for approaching me about doing this blog.

It has been way more than I have ever expected. It's a blessing to hear all the feedback from all the people who follow it daily. I am glad people take the time to want to know the Life Of A Musician.

Well my musical adventures took me to reggae Monday's at Martini Kitchen in Richmond, VA [3/21/2011] with Chris Puma & Stable Roots opening up for Pato Banton & The Now Generation Band.

I got up with Drummie Brent and Greg, a guitar player who was setting in on bass cause our regular bass player Jayson could't make it in Charlottesville. Packed up and headed down to the venue. Reached the venue around 7pm and met up with Saxman Jones.He informed me that Pato was running late and that sound check would be a little later. So we all just chilled and ordered some food.

While I was eating my fish and salad, Pato and the crew came in. I hailed them all up and talked with them for awhile. My long time Bredren Trent is playing sax for Pato. I was glad to see him been along time.
Then I saw Puma come forward with Ras Mel. Jake the percussion player entered the building as well. We all chatted as Pato set up and did a quick sound check. After Pato was done we set up real quick as the people started to come in. We quickly went over a song and chilled till show time.

Guess round 9:30 Saxman Jones came to me and said it was showtime. The place was already half full and the vibe was real irie. We started out with Rockfort Rock featuring Ras Mel and Saxman Jones on solos. The crowd really loved that as we went into Beware to bring on Puma. From the first second Puma stepped onstage a fire was set. Vibes started to flow. Puma had the crowd in is hand. Band sounding tight and his voice wicked as ever.

During our set I noticed more people coming in. I saw Ras Nate, Brother Phillip, Drummie Zeb, Ras Anatole, Charlie Brown, Seth from No Joke Productions, Joshua from Crucial Elements, Wylie from Antero, Unity Sound Band was in the building as well,Chuckie Youth, my brother Clarence, Frankie to name a few. It was good to see the Richmond reggae massive come out and support.Got to big up WAAP Radio, Dj Iyon and Amon for spinning the wicked sounds as usual.

Also during our set which featured a mixture of covers and originals, Pato himself and his band was checking for Puma & Stable Roots. The guys where dancing in the crowd having a good time.That was great to see.
After our set, the place was rammed and we broke down real quick to set the stage for Pato. Everyone was bigging up the band and Puma. Puma did a wicked job.

I took a step outside to cool off and gather myself as Pato started his set.I went back in the dance floor rammed and the vibes started to flow again for round two. Pato still delivered as if it was the first time seeing him again in the early 90's.He did all his hits and stage dance and antics that he is known for. The crowd loved it and participated. Songs like King Step, Gwaan, Don't sniff No Coke, Settle Satan, Universal Love to name a few mashed up the place.

Even those who didn't know Pato was loving it and giving up the vibes. For me it was great to see Reggae Monday in full swing and the people enjoying themselves. At the end of the day that's whats it's all about. Music for and by the people.

During his set Pato called Chris Puma onstage and told the crowd that Puma was the best new talent he has seen in the last 5 years easy. Pato also said to Puma in front of the crowd that if he owned a record company,he sign him on the spot. He looked at Puma and told him I do a song with you for free, that's how talented I think you are. Then he yelled out big up Stable Roots over and over. To hear such a reggae pioneer say those kinda of words is very Irie indeed. Big Up Pato for that.

I just looked at Puma during all of this, I could tell he was just enjoying the moment. He was just being the humble person he is, giving thanks for the kind words Pato said.

Pato ended his set to a standing ovation  and came back and did an encore for the people.The crowd gave  up the love and Pato responded  back.

After the show we all hung out and reasoned for awhile. I chatted with Pato about Puma and I am telling you, Puma really inspired Pato. He just kept telling me that. This youth man is going to go far. I really want to do a song with him.So look out for a duet song with Puma and Pato in the future.

We packed up, hailed up everyone and headed out. Give thanks again Martini kitchen for being the place to take the chance on Reggae weekly and stand by it. All Richmond reggae lovers,please support and keep it going.It's ours for the asking.

Until next time.

Bless Peanut.