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A Day In The Life Of A Musician #101

03/01/2012 by Peanut

A Day In The Life Of A Musician #101

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.

Peanut here once again.

Well its been awhile with lots of shows in between since my last blog. Me being so busy and some personal issues came calling ,i haven't had the chance to write my blogs like I wanted to and I miss sharing my thoughts with all of you.

All is good now and I am glad that I have the time and mindset to share my musical journey with you once again.

Well my musical journey took me to Sighasora in Romania at the Sighasora Blues Festival with Corey Harris & The Rasta Blues Experience (2/25/2012).  The long journey to Romania started out with me getting to the Charlottesville, VA airport to fly and meet the rest of the band in Washington, DC.

We all took the same flight which was 9 hours to Frankfurt Germany and had a 3 hour lay over before our next flight to Bucharest Romania which was 3 hours. Then reached there and was told we had a 5 hour bus ride to Sighasora Romania. Which was in the middle of no where.  To say I was tired and ready to stop traveling was a understatement ha ha. This is the part of a musicians life many ask how we do it and do it on a regular basis.

Got the the hotel in Sighasora, it was nice and looked like a scene out of a horror film.  Just to find out our hotel was right across from the where they say Dracula lived for 4 years,is what they told me.

After checking everyone in we went to the restaurant and ordered food and ate.  After eating we all went down to the venue which was at the Sighasora Theater and checked out the other artist playing.  We hung out for awhile and talked and took alot of pics with fans which was a sold out audience by the way.

After the show some of us went to the jam session and hungout for a bit and then turned in to get some much needed sleep. We had sound check the next day round 3pm which we all walked too so we could check out the town and take in some vibes. Soundcheck went well and the sound system and backline gear was all good.

Went back to the hotel after taking some pics first to rest before the show.  We had to leave right after the show to ride back to airport in Bucharest. Soon it was showtime and we all met in the lobby and walked down to the venue. Got there and had some time to check out the vibes and the opening act for a bit.

Then it was showtime. As I walked onto the stage to a big loud applause, I noticed it wasn't a seat  filled. A sell out and we was the closing act and everyone was excited to see Corey Harris & The Rasta Blues Experience.

First up was Redemption Song featuring Saxman Jones that mashed up the place right into the show intro then into the first song Santero.

Corey was in rare form and his soaring vocals and guitar playing had the crowd in aww and it was very clear who they came out to see and hear.
Which is the roots of blues being explored in all forms expressed by rooted musicians. Always nice to see and feel it being well received and appreciated on that level.

Songs like E Blues, Crying Blues,Hiding Place ,Negro Blues,More Precious,A Blues,Esta Loco,Better Way to name a few had the crowd cheering and applauding loudly thru out the performance.

The Rasta Blues Experience:

Ken "Trini Joe " Joseph -Drums
Jayson "Brother J" Morgan -Bass
Gordon "Saxman " Jones-Sax
Chris "Peanut"Whitley -Piano

Big up for always being one sound alongside Corey Harris.

After the show we had to pack up quick,take a quick shower and head out on the long journey back home.

Stay tuned because lots of shows coming forward as a next chapter in my musical journey begins. Give thanks for all who give up your time to read and keep up with what goes on in my musical life.  I really appreciate it.

Until Next Time. Bless