Nomad ADD


NomaD was born on October 25th, 2016, as an act of rebirth after surviving a heart attack. In his new life, he realized his calling to help people and to guide them towards an awakened state.

NomaD is a healer who loves sound baths, meditation, setting intentions, and believes in the power of crystals. In September of 2017 NomaD moved to Hawaii as a part of his rebirth where he began recording as an artist. Within the first week of moving to Honolulu, NomaD connected with George “Fiji” Veikoso–one of the biggest polynesian artists of our time, and easily one of the biggest names in Hawaiian reggae.

Fiji has since taken NomaD under his wing as they continue to build the success of NomaD as an artist together. On November 13, 2017, NomaD broke his first single “Take It All”, produced by Fiji, on radio, which became the number one requested song within four days of its release. “Take It All” stayed number one on both iHeart Radio’s Island 98.5 and 93.1 Da Pa’ina for four consecutive weeks, and held a spot in the top five for six weeks and counting. On December 16th, 2017 NomaD had his largest live performance at Hawaii’s Finest 8th Anniversary Bash, where he was brought out by big brother Fiji as a special guest to close the show.

On January 4th Fiji released his first single of 2018, “My Wife,” produced by NomaD, which has since reached 43,500 streams and is currently charting on itunes.NomaD also produced and starred in the music video for “My Wife”–the first and only official music video ever done for one of Fiji’s songs, reaching over 70,000 views in one month. On February 2, 2018 NomaD released his second single “Perfect Timing” along with the music video, which debuted at number three and became the number one most requested song on iHeartRadio’s Island 98.5 Top 5 at 5 the very next day.

On March 16, 2018 NomaD released his third single “Static”, which debuted at number the on the charts and peaked at number two. Both “Perfect Timing” and “Static” have reached over 30,000 streams. April 18th – May 15th, 2018, NomaD went on tour with grammy nominated artist Fiji and grammy winning group Morgan Heritage.

NomaD was also recently nominated for breakout artist of the year by iHeart Radio’s Island 98.5 for 1st annual Island Music Awards. On June 11, 2018 NomaD released his fourth single “King of The Jungle.” And, Come early summer 2018, NomaD will be releasing his first album.