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Nilotika Cultural Ensemble - Nyabingi Resurrection... The Movie

02/18/2022 by Reggaeville

Nilotika Cultural Ensemble - Nyabingi Resurrection... The Movie

This is a story that has never been told. Centuries ago in East Africa, the followers of warrior Queens Nyabingi and Muhumusa used militant drumming and mystical chanting to unite the resistance to imperialism and terrify their opponents. This powerful culture travelled with the trade winds across continents to inspire Rastas in Jamaica to revolt against slavery and neo-imperialism. 

Now, the musical spirit has been resurrected in its birthplace of Uganda by Jajja Kalanda and the Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, newly-emboldened by the music of Rastafari to fight Babylon once again. A musical circle has been completed.

To celebrate the release of a unique album of new Nyabingi music, East African Records and Switchstance Recordings have produced a musical documentary about the Ugandan Nyabingi group, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble. Featuring smokey interviews, live studio performance and historical revelations, this is... Nyabingi Resurrection: The Movie: