Nilotika Cultural Ensemble ADD

Nilotika Cultural Ensemble

Grounded in African spirituality and indigenous identity, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble is an arts-based community organization in Kampala, the capital-city of Uganda. Open to all children, youths, adults and elders, NCE serves as a hub for groups and individuals who are passionate about music, dance, production, tailoring, fashion design and African crafts.

A live performance by Nilotika Cultural Ensemble highlights the power and intensity of the Baganda drums.intensity of the Baganda drums. But they also perform different traditional Music, Dance and Drumming; Baganda Dance Bagisu Dance, Banyoro Dance, Bakiga Dance, Basoga Dance, Banyankole Dance, westnile dance, Acholi Dance, and famously known for their Massive Percuss, Traditional Reggae, Culture Muffin Indigenous Hiphop, AfroSoul Hits. Audience members can anticipate traditional songs, compelling call and response, vibrant hand-made costumes and energetic dancing. Performances further showcase genres like Reggae, Dancehall, Indigenous Hip Hop and Afro Soul.

Nilotika Cultural Ensemble has been dazzling audiences in East Africa for many years. Highlights include sharing the stage with Chronixx and Anthony B, and performing on international platforms like Nyege Nyege Festival (UG), Bayimba Festival 20(UG), Roast and Rhymes, Batalo Dance Fest(UG), Break Fast Jam Dance Festival, Jazz Safari (UG), and Naivasha Rift Valley Festival (KY).

Dedicated to honoring their roots, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble performs regularly for the people of Kampala in local venues, hosting community drum circles and offering free shows at the annual Ghetto to Ghetto Tour.