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Nelly Stharre

Nelly Stharre’s music is a unique fusion of world beats that to date has produced an exquisite and exciting version of ‘One Drop reggae’, featured on her albums Rain Jah (1997) and Soul Country (2004), the latter of which was produced by the inimitable Clive Hunt, who has also worked with other French artists such as Alpha Blonde from Cameroon, Pierpoljak out of France, Boukman Eksperyans Haiti's leading band, Kreyol Syndikat and ‘Rai’ music star Khaled from Algeria.

She hails from the Nature Island of "Waitukubuli", which she says was ‘rediscovered’ and named Dominica by Christopher Columbus. Born in 1974 (the year the dread act was passed) under the tribe of Joseph, in the month of February, she’s a "Revolutionary Baby.” Through songs like “Chant Dem Go,” “No One,” “Leaders of The World” “Rise My Sister” and “Peace and Love”.

Nelly uses her powerful, stimulating lyrics and captivating live reggae accompaniment as agents of change; spreading her message of “One Perfect Love.” Nelly has performed to glowing reviews at music festivals such as Dominica's World Creole Music Festival, the St Lucia Jazz Festival, Reggae Sumfest and Jamaica Jazz and Blues in Jamaica.

She brings to centre stage an attitude that comprises a sense of purpose and an authenticity as a Caribbean woman. As an exceptional Reggae, Jazz, Blues and World Beat artiste, her music also echoes and fully endorses her versatility.

This mother of three is fluent in English, French, French Creole and Jamaican Patois. Her zouk-influenced, 1995 album, Wake Up! was recorded entirely in French Creole. Her musical efforts have been recognized in her native Dominica where she has won two Golden Drum Awards. Apart from her musical pursuits, her work with Womanbition and Year Of The Child concert series, have contributed financial and social support to charities in Jamaica and Dominica respectively. 

Her upcoming album Lion Queen (published through her Calabash Heights International label) will once again feature production credits from Clive Hunt, as well as Wayne Armon, Steve Golding, Altafaan and Ziongates Records. Songs like “Moon Men”, “Life Goes On” and “If I Could” are a testament that quality, well-written, thought provoking Reggae music is alive and well.  "Music is the weapon of the people with no guns and ammunition" Nelly Stharre