Mosiah ADD


Reggae Music and Rastafari way of life, the driving force to the liberation of the minds of the masses. For some it might be hard to separate them, for they are two sides of the very same coin. For Mosiah Reggae Music is a tool to spread a worldwide message of righteousness, love and unity.

Akeil ‘Mosiah’ Martin, born in Trinidad 1986, the son of a Rastafari father, growing up within the musical vibe and culture of the Caribbean, he discovered his passion for music at an early age. Growing dreadlocks and committing to the ‘Teachings of Rastafari’ put him in a position where he constantly had to defend his Rasta livity against teachers and authorities, it was around that time his friends started calling him Mosiah, after the Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

In love with music from the beginning, he started performing on stages and building his own sound system, together with his friend. At age 13 he entered a talent show in South Trinidad which he won singing a cover of Shaka Demus and Pliers. While constantly performing music as a major part of his life, he also started to look deeper into Rastafari, moving to the house of Nyabinghi and later to Bobo Hill where he followed his duty as a priest building an even deeper foundation for his music.

Following the invitation to a studio session with Reggae artists ‘Gounzman’ and ‘Elijah Black’, he immediately became known as a ‚fyah youth‘. Being encouraged by other artists like ‘Queen Omega’ he continued his musical journey which lead him to Germany. He soon became a member and lead vocalist of the reggae band ‚Yard Vibez Crew‘ with whom he performed all over Germany.

Mosiah is currently working on an EP with producers Dancehall Rulerz, Slin Rockaz and Sound Generators which will be released in November 2017.