Momar Gaye ADD

Momar Gaye

Born in Dakar ( SENEGAL ) in 1975 I am at the service of music 360 degrees, Singer, songwriter , author, composer and music producer in the music scene in Senegal.

Being a Baay - Fall "Sufi " in his writings speaks of spirituality and equality between individuals and people of the defense for the weak and the oppressed.
Continues my journey around the world to promote my Philosophy ,speaking mainly of respect and unity.

1995-1997 - The second place as a reggae band in the competition of the CCF (French Center of Culture in Senegal) .

I started playing drums " Djembe " African Baye Sena first percussionist at the National Ballet of Senegal .

1997-1998- sing like "MC" reggae , dance hall and hip- hop in the most important clubs in Dakar .

End 1998 on the compilation " little brother " remains in first place in the ranking of all radio in Senegal during the first 13 weeks after its release.

1998-2000 - Publication CD " Seede . " First Zaman Group Cassette created by Momar Gaye and some of his colleagues .

-Sounds like a group resident in Italy in the first part of the concert " Roy Paci ", "B -Real (Cypress Hill) , Alboroise "South Sound System " "General Leavy "culture Brother " " and other great artists in the world of reggae music.

-Create a " sound system Isla " with veteran reggae scene in Sardinia ( Luca De Vita ) .

2002-2006 - Reframes the Zaman group reggae band that became one of the mostadvanced groups valuable list of the island.
CD release " On the road" , produced by the same artist.

2010 - Album " Santati " released in Europe and Senegal, with the song " Zamina " , which has more than 300,000 views .

Published in 2011 , the single " About Music " with internationally renowned artist in reggae " JUNIOR KELLY " room in which both artists wanted to give a hymn to music and how they see it.

2012- Released the single " Rise Up" which will be in the " Rise up AFREEKA " compilation produced by RECORD Universoul "You want to promote all artists of African reggae in the world " and the song " Soldiers Microphone " produced by isla cubarec and that had a very good feedback in France .

2013 - Released the solo album Momar Gaye called "Exodus" with large
international collaborations such as" Jah Mason" and also the duet with Junior Kelly.

Enter the cock "Ticket to Jamaica " and becomes one of the main artists after a few months , also comes in booking one of the most representative event of Italy " Big Fish events" .

Share "Exodus tour" , which until now has more than 120 concerts throughout Europe. who sees all the most important steps of reggae in Europe.

Reggae Festival (Sardinia) Medio Jamaicano , overjam (Slovenia) Rototom Sunsplash ( Spain).

Now come the last single " Above & Beyond " from the album "Exodus" and enter the cock "Soulfire " in collaboration with " Ticket to Jamaica " which take care of the promotion of the artist on the European level.