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Mo Ali

Mohamed Ali is a Sudanese artist, was born in Sudan on 22nd April 1989.
He spent most of his childhood in the United Arab Emirates. He started learning, exercising, and practicing music on his own until 2007 when he became a professional reggae singer, song writer, and guitarist.

In early age of 10 he was admired to the late reggae artist Bob Marley, and that was the time when he started his musical life with his existed skills playing Drums, Guitar, Keyboard, and Bass Guitar. This made him a pioneer in music genres which mainly include Reggae, Ska, and Rock steady with much more fusions. At the beginning of his musical career he faced many stumbling blocks, and strains due to the conservative social, and cultural ethics within the majority of the Sudanese Afro /Arab community.

Through the years he managed to form his first band (Sudan Roots) in 2010, then segregated from the band in 2013. His message was to form a type of music that would be known as a Sudanese modern music, which lead Mohamed Ali to converge with other Sudanese artists in Egypt who formed Um-Reggae music which is Reggae tunes with Jamaican / afro /Arab taste.

He traveled to the United States of America representing Sudan, as a young talented artist with a group of others from different African countries. The program was fully sponsored by the American government. After he came back to Sudan, he formed a new band, and called it Mohamed Ali and The Nile Riddim. During his stays nationally & internationally, concerts to be mentioned are many. Recently he has been widely known in Europe, especially in the Netherlands with well known band Rootriders with several tours, gigs, events.