Mitch ADD


His time with ARP not only sharpened his vocal skills, but also cultivated his collaborative approach to music, one that is shared by great singers and producers alike. Although Mitch has moved on to a new chapter in life recording for the Gargamel Music label, he values the experience and looks back fondly, I guess it was more in the sense that we were in a learning stage. You know, things still happen, we still link up and stuff.
Citing a diverse collection of vocal influences, including , R. Kelly , Akon, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Babyface. Mitch is an accomplished artist who has worked with reggae musics heavyweight producers Sly and Robbie, Donovan Germaine, Don Corleon, Mickey Bennett, John john records, Payday music, and of course Buju Banton (Gargamel Music). Today, with a string of hot singles (f..k you girl, want no more, dj, give me a call, boom draw, these are the needs, me you want) behind him, its clear that ARP was just the beginning.