Miss Baas ADD

Miss Baas

This joint of hurricane ragga verses and heart touching choruses is created by the beautiful owner of one the most powerful voices ever heard.

It's hard to believe your ears when a simple girl of Russian origin is sounding just a like the rudest Jamaican bad gyaal. Her buoyant drive is uplifted by a conscious message against the information war and separation of the people.

Nastya's image doesn't suit any sexist frames like a barbie girl or a crying soul diva as in the same way her sound is the fusion of many styles of bass music with a reggae core. This material that was recorded in Hamburg and in Moscow and written somewhere in between during long tours across Europe comes under the powerful name of MISS BAAS - taking together the Russian pronunciation of the word "bass" and a Dutch\Africaans word "boss".

Right now MissBaas's debut EP is going to be released under the code name "M1553225" alongside a debut video "Run Dat", that was shot is St.Pauli, Hamburg - an area, wellknown to be the center of Germany's alternative cultural movement.